Professional Development Training

Professional Development helps employees not only be competent in their jobs but to excel in their professions. Synergetics has an in-house training department to help you adapt to the new normal regardless of your technology demands.

Professional Training Services

We’re committed to helping you every step of the way with unmatched support, online and in-person teacher technology training, and exceptional customer service. Synergetics is your partner for blended learning and empowering instructors with the knowledge and devices to engage students. Our Education Consultants have extensive experience in student engagement, teaching, curriculum development, and education leadership. We offer our customers comprehensive professional development that’s aligned to their specific goals and objectives. That includes customized training for staff members at all skill levels with CEUs. Synergetics’ comprehensive technology solutions provide the tools, support, and training needed to maximize the learning potential and seamlessly integrate technology into classroom instruction.

How We Can Help You
K12 Benefit

Our instructional technologists work with you to effectively utilize the technology you've invested in. Synergetics works diligently to ensure you are offered the best learning opportunities both in the classroom and virtually.

Higher Ed Benefit

We strive to help you create successful a relationship with technology by customizing each training session to your schedule, goals, and needs. Whether its staff or students, our professional development training offers the best opportunities for learning to implement technology into education.

Commercial Benefit

Synergetics is able to establish your network connections while also offering training to ensure you stay updated with changes while continuing your company’s growth. We offer the tools and support to make sure your technology usage in the workplace goes on seamlessly.

Government Benefit

Government agencies always have a change in demands and requirements when it comes to technology, and the Synergetics training department is by your side every step of the way. We here to install, setup, and train your department and staff on how to implement technology devices and software effectively.