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A Connected Government is a Connected Community
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State and local government entities have ever-evolving strategies and administrative demands place on their network functionality changing at record pace. Leaning on an expert in assessing, developing, and deploying a solid, reliable bandwidth-rich network is why you should turn to Synergetics to assist you with your network needs.
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Elevate your IT staff and services for your government entities by outsourcing or applying managed services to support your network. Peace of mind knowing you are working with a leading expert you can trust to ensure your network is future-proofed and secure.
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State and local government entities are required to utilize procurement purchasing vehicles, grants or bid processes. Synergetics has knowledgeable experts in-house to assist in navigating the funding challenges required for government purchasing.
Delivering Client Success
A resilient community supported by its state and local resources starts with proper access to a secured network, with ease of communications, and delivery of services. Connectedness with the community starts with an innovative approach to a network built, designed, secured and delivered for ease of use by the citizen, government employee, and the managing IT staff. Our team of experts assists government entities in designing, managing, and deploying networks that go beyond just the government IT essential needs.
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How We Make A Difference
"Synergetics has an awesome professional staff.  They truly saved my project as a whole with their knowledge and expertise.  They have earned a loyal customer because of this pleasant experience of ensuring our project was a success."

Rob Pridgen, Director of IT
City of Alexandar, AL
Unifying People & Technology with Creative Solutions
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At Synergetics, our approach to supporting state and local entities is to provide the most flexible, high-impact technology solutions that enable you to serve your constituents. Whether you’re looking for Cybersecurity, Physical Security, Unified Communications, Managed Services or an update on Cabling, we can ensure a solution that is within budget. Synergetics is available to help assess your existing technology and work with you to determine the best solution to meet your specific goals.